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Leaders in specific development for Real Estate, Digital Transformation, and IT Security with specialists focused on what matters: making things happen.


About Us

We create software keeping people in mind

We develop software, systems, and services through sustainable, profitable, and fully transparent processes. We always keep people in mind and understand our clients' needs very well. Since 2011, we have deployed 3 divisions that offer the perfect expertise for our clients to achieve their goals:

Digital Transformation

Experts in digital transformation projects. We want our clients to obtain the maximum value from their data and be able to improve their processes and operations.


IT security

We protect all our systems against the main known vulnerabilities, as well as auditing third-party systems and code and performing penetration testing.


Real Estate

We specialize in providing technological services to the main players in the real estate sector, with a focus on business units and products designed for the property area.


Digital Transformation

We place your business within the digital era

  • Multidisciplinary business teams.
  • Specialized division in data quality and exploitation.
  • Own products: Supplier web portal , Contract generator , Document capture Docture , RRHH Toolkit , Commercial totems , Digital menu Menio .
  • We develop lead generation landing pages, corporate websites, tech for sales and custom advanced portals.
  • Metric and evaluation of the implemented solution.
  • Consulting, programming, and production deployment.
  • Implementation of RPA (Robotic Process Automation).
  • Natural language, artificial intelligence, and machine learning.
  • Experts in integrating platforms such as SAGE, Salesforce, Prinex.
  • Are you wasting time copying data from one system to another? We can do this for you with a custom, fully auditable solution.

IT Security

We protect your data and that of your clients

  • Internal ethical hacking unit.
  • Own products: Occess (single-singon double authentication reverse proxy portal for public, private and legacy webapps), ProfileGuard (identity provider), Cronsquare (operational backend scheduled processes control and audition). Virtoom (Virtual Data Room for safe private audited view of shared sensitive documents). Geental (tagged document safe&crypted storage with integration APIs).
  • Analysis of solutions against information leakage.
  • Software, code, and structure audits.

Real Estate

Experts in development and custom integration

  • Specialized business unit.
  • Projects with the main servicers and real estate companies in the country.
  • Custom software development integrated with client systems. Monitored ETLs.
  • Own products: Real Estate CRM (fully integrated client web-based relationship management tool for Real Estate), Relaient (customer relationship management), Prevenance PBCyFT (KYC/AML) (online and client-oriented document capture and validation for the prevention of money laundering and financing of terrorism according to estate laws), Satlien (user-friendly tracking of incidents and customer satisfaction), Lockio (asset key management, sharing and usage audit), Portain (Real Estate portal with user area, publication alerts and advanced map display), Real Estate After-Sales .
  • Experts in integrating client developments with major property management platforms such as SAP or Prinex, and sales force tools like Salesforce, Zoho, or Hubspot.


The ultimate solution in key management

  • Digitalization of the processes of receiving, storing, and sending keys among authorized individuals.
  • Scanning Lockio security keychains provides detailed information about any movement of the associated keys.
  • Mobile app and a back-office environment.
  • Compliant with GDPR and control of lost keys.

Web scraping

Automated information for your business

  • Specialists in web scraping.
  • We know and bypass anti-scraping measures on websites, including those protected by perimeterx.
  • Turn any website into an API.
  • Competitor monitoring, detecting new information, content normalization, etc.
  • Get the information you need without wasting human hours.


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