Corporate Website

Clarity and simplicity

At Gestycontrol, we understand that a corporate website does not require complex developments, but its main objective is to convey the image and values of a company in the online environment.

It is common to find web developments where the manageable content of a page has not been kept up to date, being abandoned on obsolete and insecure platforms.

To avoid wasting resources on infrastructures that will never be fully utilized, we have proposed the service of corporate web pages where development is simplified to the maximum to obtain clear, secure, and enduring pages over time. Web pages that communicate what the company is about and what its commercial vocation is so that users can learn about its services.



Simplicity above all

Comprehensive development

Design, development, hosting, and accommodation.

Content management

Headless CMS for integrated online content management.

100% secure

Software and server meet all security requirements.


Hosting, accommodation, and email boxes included.

Agile and intuitive

Simple in navigation and powerful in functionality.

Enhanced user experience

Optimized code to minimize waiting or preloading times.


Adaptable page to add additional sections with the possibility of a blog, portfolio, etc.


Optimize time and resources

Improvement of image and customer acquisition.
Specific design of the page according to the real needs of the business without pre-established templates. Differentiation from the competition.
Eliminates unnecessary management tasks while maintaining a serious and enduring image with the necessary information for the customer.
Improves the perception of the business.
Supplier with great knowledge and experience in the sector. Turnkey project development.

Target and Timing


1 month.

Who is it intended for?

All types of companies.


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