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Document generator

Addtrac is a tool that allows you to create templates for frequently used documents, integrating with our clients' databases to obtain dynamic information about the parties involved or recipients.

Its operation is simple, through the tool's management module, different blocks to be included in each document are designed, texts are written, and necessary images are embedded. It also allows adding identifying labels, names of people, products, or any other element available in the client's database.

Through its automated system, Addtrac will use the created template to generate a document for each item retrieved from the client's systems.



Simplicity above all

Agile and intuitive

Simple to use and powerful in functionality.

Audit and control

The system allows auditing of information and documentation uploaded to the platform, as well as its version history.

Time and resource optimization

Streamlines supplier management processes, saving time and costs.

Integration with other systems

Ability to integrate with the client's accounting and document management systems.


Optimize time and resources

Corporate document control.
Fully integrable.
Ensures regulatory compliance.
Improves efficiency of corporate resources dedicated to these tasks.
Provider with extensive experience in document management.

Target and Timing


3 months.

Who is it intended for?

All types of companies.


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